why perfectionism doesn't lead to lasting happiness joy Ogunneye

Yay! I’m back! I can’t believe Season 2 of the podcast is already here. I’ve missed you so much. Even though I must say, taking a break was definitely what my soul needed. However, I’m super excited to be back to you my friend. And as a result, you are in for a treat on today’s season 2 premiere episode.


On today’s episode, I discuss all the incredible things I experienced during my hiatus (i.e. getting knocked up for the second time) as well as all the mind-blowing lessons I learned along the way. One particular lesson that keeps coming back over and over again is my addiction to perfection.


Listening to episode 21, you’ll hear me get super vulnerable and share my personal experiences and why perfectionism doesn’t lead to lasting happiness. Perfectionism is basically the mask we wear to hide our true selves from the world. As Brene Brown says so profoundly “perfectionism is not the path that leads us to our gifts and to our sense of purpose; it’s the hazardous detour”.  I also share my reflections on what working at L’Oréal taught me about perfectionism and how I had to learn to let it go in order to experience sustained happiness in my life.


By listening to this episode, be prepared to learn why perfectionism is stopping you from living your best life and how to truly let it go. This episode is perfect for anyone struggling with the disease called perfectionism and is looking for relief and a way out.


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Until next time, live joyful no matter what!