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Today’s interview is with the incredibly inspiring financial guru, Bola Sokunbi. She is a long-time friend of mine who I love dearly and has personally transformed my life. Bola is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), finance expert, speaker, writer, podcaster, social media influencer and founder of Clever Girl Finance, a platform that empowers and educates women to make the best financial decisions for their current and future selves and to pursue their dreams of financial independence in order to live life on their own terms. CleverGirlFinance.com has also been voted as one of the top personal finance websites for women. Bola had been featured by NYC's PIX11 News, CBN News, The Chicago Tribune, as well as on several other finance websites and podcasts. One big thing Bola has taught me is how to face my money fails, which is something i've adopted in everything in my life. 

In this episode, she shares her tips and tricks on how to effectively adopt a money mindset and live life on your own terms. She delves into why it is so important to determine your “why” before you begin to change your financial situation, and why letting go of your mistakes and forgiving yourself for your past money mishaps is super crucial to achieving financial freedom. She shares the different resources we can utilize, as well as how to set up fun money challenges that can help us find the joy in our money mishaps while we forge ahead to financial freedom. She also shares her financial failures, how she navigated them and how every failure helped her become the Clever Girl she is today.

Some profound quotes from Bola: 

"Failure is not final – unless you are dead."

"Failure is just the opportunity to keep making progress."

"Money is not the dream. The dream is what money can help you accomplish."

"You want to realize the A-ha moments in the mess. Those A-ha moments will give you insights into how you can change things."

"There is joy in minimalism."

"I am proud to fail."

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for financial freedom and wanting to find the joy in spite of money mishaps. 

For the video interview I did with Bola, check out youtu.be/yWtICqz5iIw

Check her out at www.clevergirlfinance.com, instagram.com/clevergirlfinance.com, twitter.com/clevergirlfinance, and facebook.com/clevergirlfinance

For more juicy bits on the episode, listen below. 

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