the joy in failure breaking the mold with Bisi MacGregor

Today’s episode is a super powerful one. It’s a transparent interview with my friend and former colleague, Bisi MacGregor. She is a TEDx Speaker, Certified Fearless Life Coach and Certified Fearless Trainer who empowers professional women to break the mold in their lives and businesses, so they can wholeheartly live out their true essence. Bisi is a truly inspiring human being, who empowers me every day to live my best self. 

In this episode, you’ll get to eavesdrop on an intimate conversation between friends on our life lessons and perceived failures, and how breaking the mold in life and business is possible for us all. Bisi candidly shares how she found her true calling through all of life’s curveballs in her career and marriage, and how compassion and her deep self-reflections saved her life. 

On the episode, she teaches us how to break out of societal molds that inhibit us from living from our true essence.  She helps us realize that we all have the power to create our own molds, and urges us to stop struggling so hard to fit into ‘other people’s’ molds as they simply don’t fit us. She also shares how we can start to be comfortable being uncomfortable, and how to brave unchartered waters beyond our comfort zone, while still staying true to ourselves no matter what!  In our conversation, we delve into how we can start early by teaching our children how to fail, and consciously helping them to tap into their essence.

This episode is perfect for anyone trying to break free from life’s rat race, let go of societal shackles and embrace living the fulfilled life you were born to live. 

For more juicy bits, listen below. 

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To follow Bisi as infects the world with her fearless wisdom, connect with her on Instagram/Twitter @atokelifesprings, via her website here and join her facebook community of Fearless Professional Women here .