joy Ogunneye how to stop limiting yourself

Today's episode is all about how to stop limiting yourself and how to start leveling up. This episode was inspired by the famous experiment of the fleas in a jar. This experiment is such an ideal analogy on how our beliefs can hold us back from tapping into our fullest potential. As Wayne Dwyer so eloquently put it “ the only limits you have are the limits you believe”. That’s why it’s so important for us to understand our beliefs from the inside out. Why? Because our beliefs literally shape our lives. And the good news is we all get to choose what we believe.

On this episode, I go in depth and share tips on how we can start choosing our beliefs intentionally, so we can unapologetically live our limitless lives.

This episode is perfect for anyone who feels stuck in their lives and needs that super charged motivation to move she/he to the bright side where hope lies.

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