how to feel worthy no matter what joy Ogunneye

Self-worth comes from one thing-thinking you are worthy – Wayne Dyer

Today I explore the topic of self-worth and how the act of feeling unworthiness tends to prevent us from experiencing the joy in failure.

Once upon a time, we were kids who were so sure of ourselves and so full of self-worth. Until we were conditioned to depend on circumstances and people outside of ourselves to feel whole and worthy. As adults, we continued on our quest for worthiness by seeking external things primarily to determine our self-worth. And now we find ourselves craving other people to like us before we feel worthy, wanting to succeed so badly just to give ourselves permission to feel worthy….and the mad pursuit of trying to feel worthy goes on and on and on. Endlessly chasing of conditional worthiness, even though we simply have no control over eternal forces except our internal mindsets.  

In this episode, I remind you of the TRUTH that “You are worthy because you exist. We are all worthy because we exist”. Irrespective of societal labels like race, gender, religion, background, sexual preference, we are all made of God stuff which makes us worthy.

Listening to the episode, you’ll hear me delve into what I think about the term “being full of yourself”, and how I embrace this term wholeheartedly and why I inspire you to do the same.  

I believe in the power of practicing, so I share 3 themes with 2 practices per theme that I believe will help you feel worthy no matter the circumstance, no matter the situation:

Theme 1: ASK

1a. ASK for what you want

1b. Don’t ASK for what you don’t want

Theme 2: RECEIVE

2a: RECEIVE for what you want

2b: Don’t RECIVE for what you don’t want

Theme 3: GIVE

3a: GIVE what you want

3b: Don’t GIVE what you don’t want


This episode is perfect for anyone tired of people pleasing, goal chasing and waiting on outside forces to determine if you are worthy or not, before feeling the joy you were made to feel.


Some worthy mantras to comtemplate:

“I’m worthy because I say I’m worthy."

“I get what I want because I give what I want.”

“I focus on my superpowers and not my flaws.”


Awesome things I mention on the podcast:

Marie Forleo’s Bschool at www.marieforleo.com/bschool/

Marianne Williamson quote “Everything we do is either an act of love or a cry for help."


For more juicy bits, listen below. 

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