the joy in failure how to find joy when you are lost

Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves – Henry David Thoreau

In today’s episode, I explore the question on “how to find joy when you feel lost”. Right now, I’m in this space of the 'unknown' after losing my job a couple of months ago. And lately, even though I have become very skilled at finding the joy no matter what (thanks too many of life's complexities), I still find myself from time to time feeling rather lost.

On this episode, I go deep and share a personal crazy story about me and my family, and how my 5-year old daughter taught me how to find the joy in the midst of feeling completely lost. In that situation, one profound lesson she taught us was no matter what happens, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, no matter what things we lose, there is always something to be grateful for - as nothing is ever as bad as it may seem.

Listening to the episode, you'll hear me delve into the following 3 steps that has always helped me find the joy whenever I find myself feeling lost:  

1)    Dedramatizing the situation

2)    Appreciating the situation

3)    Trusting the situation

I also teach you how to recalibrate your course when you take a wrong turn in life and how you can actually find yourself while you are lost. My personal mantra when I feel lost is “ I haven’t lost myself, I have found myself “

This episode is perfect for anyone who feels lost and overwhelmed with life and is craving for a way out. 

For more juicy bits, listen below. 

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