the joy in failure how to manage the mind

The question is not can you handle the situation. The question is can you handle your mind –Will Smith

Right now, I’m so addicted to Will Smith on social media. If you haven’t checked him out already, definitely do so @WillSmith on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

This episode was inspired by his YouTube video titled “Facing My BIGGEST Fear”. In this video, he says towards the end “The question is not can you handle the situation. The question is can you handle your mind? Can you manage the thoughts and emotions that are trying to poison your progress? Forget managing the situation, manage your mind. Train your mind to sit calmly in the eye of storm”. I found this quote extremely powerful, that I decided to riff on it.

In today's episode, I talk about why I think managing our minds is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Most of us aren’t taught in schools or at home how to manage of our minds, even though it is such a crucial part of navigating life’s failures more easily. And the crazy thing is that most of us don’t even realize that our minds need managing nor do we realize we have the capacity to control our minds.

On this episode, I share some life-changing ways that I’ve found tremendously helpful in managing my mind and helping me to remain calm in the storm. Just like our minds, we have control over all things technology (phones, email, social media etc). Technology is not the enemy- the problem is we allow it to control us. In this episode, I share simple tips on how I manage technology, email and social media, which frees my mind and time to focus on my “why” and to do more things that spark joy. 

I go further and riff on how we can focus more on the magical wonder and beauty in our lives (just like children), and focus our energy on doing less multi-tasking and more uni-tasking (single focus activities – basically being more present).

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for ways to manage their thoughts, time, technology, social media and ultimately our minds more effectively, and to learn how to remain calm in the midst of life’s chaos.

I've found that the more you are able to stay still in your thoughts, the more you are able to manage your mind. So let’s work together at training our minds.

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Until next time, live a joyful life no matter what!


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