the joy in failure free yourself and let it go

I’ve been reading the book ‘Inward’ by Yung Pueblo for the second time now (yes it’s that good). And I was so moved by his quote “Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting. It means we stop carrying the energy from the past into the present”, that I was super inspired to create this episode.

By yung pueblo

In today’s episode, I explore the idea of letting go and discuss how letting go holds us back from reaching our fullest potential. I delve into why letting go is so necessary if we truly want to be free and embrace our true selves. One of the main reasons why we are so resistant to failing is because of all the emotional baggage we carry. The truth is to experience the joy in failure is to free yourself and let it go. To experience the joy in failure is let go of all the unnecessary baggage, all the stuff that serve us no more.

On this episode, I teach how we can break free from all the societal labels, identities, ideologies and expectations to free ourselves from the baggage that weighs us down.

I also discuss a recent ‘perceived’ failure/disappointment that I experienced, and I share how I navigated it and freed myself from my ego mind.  

Letting go is the magic to happiness. We have to be willing to lose ourselves to become who we truly are meant to be. Listening to episode, you’ll hear me share how detrimental holding on to our failures, successes, negative beliefs and all other unnecessary things hold us hostage to being the best versions of ourselves.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to navigate life’s ups and downs more easily, while feeling the joy and freedom you are born to feel.  

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Until next time, live a joyful life no matter what!


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