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Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways - Sigmund Freud

On today’s episode, I dive deep into questions that I keep on getting asked such as ‘how to get out of a rut', 'how to find the joy when in a rut', and 'how to stay joyful when all you want to do is stay angry'. One thing these questions have in common is the fact that they are about how we navigate our negative emotions. We aren’t taught how to deal with or process our emotions. As a result, we tend to shy away from our emotions and avoid being seen as 'too emotional', 'too angry', 'too sad', 'too negative' or 'too whatever', and I believe it's because we fear our emotions. But we don’t have to be so frightened of our emotions because emotions are just “energies in motion”. On the episode, I discuss why it is so important for us to feel and embrace all our emotions including the negative ones and why it is imperative for us to express all our emotions, because what we resist persists. I share how we can use the Abraham Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale or any online sources to help us understand our rainbow of emotions.  

On this episode, I walk you through the 5 steps that has helped me navigate my negative emotions, and helped me get out of a rut. These 5 steps are encased in an acronym which I call iCARE and the steps are as follows:

1.     Identifying the emotion(s) and understanding the why behind the emotion(s)

2.     Compassion for yourself and others in the situation(s)

3.     Accept and Acknowledge the emotion(s), and allow the emotion(s) to pass through you

4.     Reframe the situation(s) and Release the emotion(s)

5.     Embrace the emotion(s) no matter what!

I also delve into a personal failure of mine that triggered lots and lots of negative emotions, and I share how the iCARE framework could have been used to help me get out of that rut and navigate my negative emotions more easily. To experience joy no matter what doesn't mean we eradicate negative emotions. It means we use our negative emotions as information centers or sign posts that lets us know something is wrong with the stories we keep telling ourselves, with the beliefs we keep thinking over and over again. The truth is negative emotions are vital to our well-being, and using them instead of avoiding them is the path to a more fulling life.  

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Until next time, live a joyful life no matter what!


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