the power of patience and surrender joy Ogunneye

Today’s episode was inspired by lessons learned while attempting to bake my 5 year old daughter's graduation cake. Since I started to learn how to bake, I've realized time and time again that baking is exactly like life - to be successful, you have to expect to fail and mess-up countless of times. In this episode, I share a story about my buttercream disasters and redos during this particular baking escapade, and how I wanted to give up so many times and resort to a store bought cake.

I share the profound life lessons I learned along the way such as:

"Before things get better, they usually get worse"

"Failing is learning. Failing is data-collecting. Failing is a source of information. With anything worth doing, expect to fail."

"The problem is not failure. The problem is we aren't patient enough to see what unfolds"

"Life is much sweeter and easeful when you are patient and surrender"

"Be patient and surrender to life. If we only surrended, we’ll see what amazingness is in store for us."

This episode is perfect for anyone who is tired of beating themselves up, and wants to learn how to navigate life with ease and flow. 

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Until next time, live joyfully no matter what! 


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