Joy Ogunneye becoming the CEO of your life

There is only one person responsible for the quality of your life. That person is YOU!! – Bob Proctor

Today I talk about why it’s so important for us to treat our lives as businesses, and how we can begin to embody our personal power by becoming the Chief Executive Officers of our lives. Thanks to an epiphany I had recently, I realized instead of striving so hard at becoming the boss of something outside of me (such as a company), I always felt more powerful and in control of my life when I focused on being the boss of the magic inside of me (aka CEO of my life). Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I discovered the power that I had been chasing all along was simply buried within me. I just had to spend more quality time with myself to uncover it.  Focusing on becoming the CEO of my life has truly helped me harness my inner power and empowered me to take on the world.

In this episode, I share all the great things I’ve learned from my career as a marketer that really helped me in becoming the CEO of my life- which essentially is the same thing as becoming the fullest version of myself. 

Listening to the episode, you’ll hear me share ways that you can flip your life script and focus your efforts on becoming the CEO of your life (i.e. how to determine your vision, mission, purpose, unique selling proposition and so much more), as well as how to take responsibility for your life, invest in yourself and show yourself compassion no matter what! I also showcase a quick tool that I learned from Marie Forleo that helped me determine my superpowers, and understand who I really am.

Some worthy quotes to contemplate from the episodes:

-You can’t create what you want if you don’t know what you want.

-You aren’t able to determine what your purpose is without failures.

-The more your focus on yourself and less on the competition, the more you can truly become the CEO of your life.

-The more we focus on what others are doing and spend all our energy trying to become the CEO of other people’s lives, the more we fail to understand who we truly are.  

-Own your life. Be the CEO of your life.

-Stop blaming other people. Take responsibility for your life.

-Own your failures. Own your faults. Own your mess-ups.

-Inspire yourself by loving yourself.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking to embody their inner power, and unleash who they truly are in an amplified way. 

For more juicy bits, listen to the podcast here

Until next time, live joyfully no matter what! 


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